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S5: Has anyone else had a new "default" folder added to your gallery that is filled with ads?- PD 5v 3a vs Quick Charge 3- Why is my micro SD card undetectable?- Which did you buy - Pixel 2 or 2 XL ?- Text Message only pulling up image not text?- selective focus- does nokia 8 from car phone warehouse, UK support hydird sim?- Media Player Android Studio- XL Owners: Will you be returning it?- Google Places LiveCase- Pixel 2 XL Screen Discussion- my redmi note 4 is dropped in water,what to do now?- How to buy T-Mobile v30 online without ONE plan?- Earbuds that will take full advantage of DAC- why beauty mode is disable during video calls on p10 lite? please help me please- wifi is not working on my phones but working on everything else- How good are the official Clear and Silicone Cover?- Why won't my wifi connect to my note 3, just keeps saying (unchanged)- ASUS Fonepad 7 - CHARGING I.C- How to add location stamp on pics?- Why can't i receive texts from one person only in Android Messages app?- Galaxy Tab S3 Screen Darker on Bottom?- charging- Things I don't like about the U11 camera- google has stopped working would appear and now my Android tablet will not even come on?- Cannot pin to home screen- nfc read/emulate with galaxy s4- Incoming calls not working Sony MEX-N4200BT paired with Samsung Galaxy S6- Why isn't my tablet recognizing my expandable memory card- Why won't my phone charge at all?- Why won't my Note 8 use my bluetooth headphone microphone?- Hidden notification light?- t mobile deal- how can i reinstall my browser on my HTC through debloater? please i need urgent reply.- Hands on at Verizon- sprint note 8 messaging issues- Netflix HDR and YouTube HDR don't work on the V30 !!- How to turn off swipe effect on lock screen- htc sense has stopped working and stuck in loop, I cannot access settign or apps to fix it.- Why is my Galaxy S7 battery life false reading?- How to set default number for contacts- V30 owners: Is the glass 100% flat on the surface?- Switching from windows phone- System Update on VZW Droid Z Play- Why does my Pixel Xl go to sleep in my left hand- I have turned on radio in phone information and internet is working- I brought an LG phone back from the US. 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Phone is slow...now- My 30 minutes Impressions on AT&T V30- Redirect outbound call to a different number that the one dialed- Muy phone says it's infected- Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 Camera really dirty- First impressions... pretty much the same as V20 and G6- Dont save picture received- opera mini crashes and slow on android venue 3840 tablet- Why did they change the way the dictionary works with multiple languages?- Button in Nougat not snoozing anymore- Any other way to overcome Samsung S3 Logo Flashing?- Multiple Languages- CM Applock - How do you prevent it from being uninstalled.- Which devices can record ONLY the other side?- why in the TO box my contact is blue and say chat instead of text message- How many hours are you getting for screen on time on your z2 play?- Fixing galaxy s8+ at official Samsung center- What exactly this line does.- Are any other 128 Pixel/Pixel XL owners downgrading storage space on the Pixel 2?- Any way to restore Samsung Notes Files on Samsung Galaxy 8+ after a Factory Reset?- Videos randomly pausing - android- How do I disable upcoming alarm notification in Oreo?- Usb-c to 3.5 plug- Google app store stopped working- Export/sync Facebook friends as contact list using app- Anyone on At&t planning on getting this phone?- Happy as can be- How do I stop my S8 from dimming the screen while replying Whatsapp from lock screen?- What an afternoon- How do I turn off auto turn on?- What's the latest on Oreo?- Samsung Pay will it work- App that adjusts screen brightness using the time of the day?- How can I send a text to all my contacts?- Font gets very small when moving to new website- my mobile is getting powered u- Web Links Not Working- best 'Find Your Friends" locator equivalent app ?- anyway to soft touch screen to end phone call rather than hard press side power button- Unlocked Note 8 on T-Mobile- Undo home screen settings- Why is my speaker- J5 Prime MultiWindow- How do I remove the most recent software update on my Samsung s8- Note 8 now? Wait for S9? Or something else?- Does the US V30 come with earbuds?- Strange screen behavior- Post Factory Data Reset (via Settings Menu) these things no longer work- Brightness shoots up to 100 after powering off and on- Move your head? Brain On: Balls- Cannot initiate text messages to one contact Galaxy S6- Nexus 7 wont play video files- LG X Venture keyboard disappears in messaging app- I Think I Love Bixby- Why cant i download snapchat on my lg?- does Android have a compass that will work with the Photo pills app- Samsung car mode- Hi i my phone won't let me unlock my phone or press apps on my phone.- Post if your ship date moves up- Got my LG V30 today at AT&T store- How to get files off a SD card that was locked to a device?- Changing the options for USB connection- Display Panel- My android alcatel onetouch pop 8 wont turn on, how can I fix it?- everytime i unlock my phone an ad in browser pops up, Frustrated- Google Photos Via Samsung Gear VR and Galaxy S7- When is oreo update coming for Honor 6X- Passwords don't work for apps!- T-mobile return policy- How do you organize your apps?- youtube wont work- Why Is my phone not receiving system updates.- Exclamation Point in Triangle in Messages- Ruh-Oh... IPhone 8+ Batteries splitting phones- Lower left corner symbol, icon, button, whatever...- Always on notifcation?- 64 or 128 GB- Directory view miss-match within app (cannot see external storage path)- Lock home button- did they say anything a out hdr support- Voice: can't change text notification sound- Pixel 2 Camera - is it really that good- Replacing the iPad Air on a budget- E-mails not removing from Email stock app after downloading to Outlook- Few problems with LG G3- Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge- Screen protector help- How do I set my android device to use an external mic when recording video?- My Hauwei P8 Lite Ihave just purchased is using so much battery.- Help With Microsoft (formally Arrow) Launcher App- Best Buy, Costco, etc. availability?- Can't restore galaxy s7 edge to stock- Pixel 2 XL Sprint Sim card- Quick Charge?- free 100 gb google drive can i selectaccoun- Change Your Phone Number?- Firmware finder 9/7 B385 downgrade?- Pic message recieved but once i click on it..it disappears- Why won't my G5S not allow me to connect via USB- google maps icon disappeared- after factory reset jio will not work?- Google bar bavk om my screen to ask questions and have more informations- Google Play Newsstand - CPU hog- Panoramas not prompting 360 view- Why a downloaded file can't open- Whitestone Dome PSA: DO NOT wipe/rub off excess adhesive after curing!- Note 8, Full SCREEN Aspect Ratio, and Video Apps- Shortcut to turn off whatsapp notifications- Tap the screen to wake it up..- Package Disabler questions.- How to change the function of my volume buttons?- Why do word doc file name changes while attaching it into gmail app from File manager?- Help ads appearing on home screen!- Note 8 Super Mario Run Full Screen Question- Why can't I sign into my wish app on my android s7- How to sim unlock a Tmobile Coolpad 3320A?- Was a Dec 2016 Security Update OTA ever released?- Trying to Reinstall System- Rogers Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8+ not displaying caller ID name over bluetooth- Are there charges on using Emoji`s and lots of letters when texting- Finally clash of clans hack app is live on google play!- Why do my emoji groupings/categories keep changing every so often?- [Free] [Game] CakeSlice- Galaxy Note Heat problem- Edge Issues- B194 Firmware just arrived OTA- Popup Fullscreen Ads on my s8! 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(LG X Power)- HDR on the Note 8- Anyone have problems with the Zagg HD glass protector on note 8?- Cleaning the speaker grill- YouTube app indefinitely buffers at 6 seconds- Moto Voice and the Z2 Play- How can i decode my Note 8 so it can take any sim?- Galaxy Sm-j320vpp root method?- mm-qcamera-daemon on Nexus 5x since Oreo upgrade- About BATTERY- What are Amazon 6P owners doing about battery issue?- Note4 room error- Emails stopped working on Moto G4 Play- US Pure Nougat Is Finally Rolling Out!- Rotation no longer available after latest update- My screen is showing nothing but working besides- spot on phone screen- Help - cannot remove unidentifiable app- Supporting Apps type for AndroidAauto- Help...Random 0KB MMS Messages- Constant errors when apps download- S7 Edge rear glass cracked by itself, Help- Photos taken with the Moto G5S & G5S Plus- To switch from GSM to CDMA- Replacement SPEN- Please help!! 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Please help- I'm having problems with my Pandora cutting in and out and just shutting off completely.- powering up w/qi and usb- Using Native 4K- Contact image changed on me- Super Charging compatible car charger?- Nexus 6p as a wired webcam?- Verizon Galaxy S8 Google Play music files- Phone w/guest profile mode?- Long press home button on AOD stops working (S8)- Messaging App - Not able to open in Chrome (Note 8)- Verizon is blocking my access to my own cloud content because I switched to AT&T- Samsung Galaxy S8 recover deleted text- Daydream VR problems- insensitive spot on lower right of screen ?- Accidental coverage- I can' find nearby function, Alcatel onetouch Firmware ver. 4.4.2- Google photos to Gallery!!- App drawing over screen preventing adding a card to Android pay. Help!?- Mobile View in Word- Apps missing from "app menu"- Spen Sensitivity- Double vibration- Where to learn??- Worth buying for 2 years?- Looking of OFFLINE Map App- Bixby long press button disabled, on Verizon Note 8?- Why is my ZTE Max Duo Bluetooth skipping- Thanks, but neither Reply function is on my page. I think that's very odd.- regarding xolo custom rom- I can't find my browser- Suggest something new to try on our Note 8s- Battery graph question- UK users would you get from EE or Samsung direct?- How to display s5 photos on ipad- Sounds Repeated...- Navigation bar colors- Considering remvoing my screen protector- What is causing full screen pop up ads in apps?- Whatsapp won't sync contacts- Youtube Android app video playback issue-black screen but audio keeps playing- Why internal storage space on my Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 doesn't add up?- Google account(s)- Will Android Wear allow reminders to alarm even if watch isn't paired to my phone?- [GAME][FREE] !BreakIT v_1.1.2- Echo on phone calls- Can my updated cricket S7 g930az be able to use the marshmallow samsung keyboard, on nougat?- Fingerprint gesture reversed- Every Note 8 S Pen Feature!- Gear Fit2 Pro Swim Counting- S8+ Restarting, Freezing, Battery Issues 5 Months Later- Smart select question- Quantum Watch Face- Brand spankin' new watch doesn't work.- Secure start up- White screen problem on Smart Lock screen- Edge Lightning Not Working- Will a galaxy s5 active motherboard work in galaxy s7 active?- Encrypt SD card- Android Pay picture of Pixel 2- Note 8 unlocking by swiping left, right, up or down.- SIM Tray Question- Samsung J7 prime freezed. NEED URGENT HELP!!!- What is the black coax cable that is attached to the back of the motherboard used for?- Downloading android packages via sdk manager in CentOS- Battery draining fast!!- Issues when trying to Build Android Project in a CentOS machine behind Corp proxy- My iPad is now my phone!- How to remove a deleted contacts birthday from my HTC Android?!- Replaced a screen at a samsung service center, awesome expirence- app specific notification sounds- How to know more new apps?- Samsung Pay trick with old-style credit-card readers- Moto Gamepad support- When will it ship- Why do I have pending text messages- "Needs to reauthenticate" Error?- Why I don't get notifications on galaxy s8- V30 B&O Certification- Killed My Internet By Cleaning Files?- Skype Battery Usage- direct dial and more disappear from home screen- Direct dial and more disappear from home screen- HD calling on t-mobile with unlocked g5- Skype in S7 Edge- Just made the Switch from a V10 to the Mate 9!- Customizable texting application- How to turn off auto correct?- Upgrade to Oreo- Straight Android Phone...- Add auto signature to all messages you send out- Does your LG G6 WiFi disconnects for several seconds every couple hours?- Missing features from Verizon version of Note 8- Android Auto Ayone?- View 360 Photos from Gallery- Gmail App - Exchange/O365 emails stay Queued in Outbox- I need to access the inner reaches of ny clip tray.- Recommendations for Phone App Replacements?- Weird display issue. Is this normal?- Best Scratch Remover for phones??- Phone clicking on the inside during hardware acceleration- Need some help, functionality is whacked out on my phone.- reading PDFs in LANDSCAPE mode?- buy in Samsung store UK?- Techvibesnow- Distorted hiccup during sound playback Galaxy A5 2017?- Recover lost data from s7- Need help understanding Google accounts- Unable to choose bookmark folder- Speakerphone activated- Why is the time not working?- Whitestone Dome Note 8- Flood- Has anyone successfully rooted the lg k3?- Weak cell service?- zizo cases- farewell 6P- Alarm still sounds when muted- Bixby can't hear me (solved)- T-Mobile Galaxy S8 brand new s8, questionable battery life- How to separate whatsapp's chats notifications on notification bar? (LG G3)- DeX Station with Note 8?- Take a look inside the LG V30- How do i disable pop up texts messages- Ok the honeymoon period is starting to wear off....- Location/Restoring of *Memo* app memo in phone storage?- S7 remember frequently used email addresses like in iPhone- Stock clock not snoozing since update- battery life ?- No icon for full screen youtube?- Samsung S7 only showing call/message history with caller ID when phone is locked?- spe Speck Presido Grip case.- How do I save things in my SD card to google photos?- Help!!! Is this normal?- Charging port broken- Security update support of GM6 with Android One- Can you create a folder within a folder on the home screen?- Since Nougat Update Photo/Video Colors Are Overly "Warm"- Is my phone tampered/ defective?- why is my phone turning off by itself. ?- Car charger- Portable Charger- How do I get rid of this crapware when I wake my phone????- S8+ Now Comes with Trade-In Deal Plus VR and Controller- Goodbye AOD- Can I fix the speech to text feature, so it works better?- Any update on whether the camera of Pixel 2 will have OIS?- Dumb question but no one has answered it seemingly- Is Android Neko (Cat easter egg) still working in Android 8?- How to unlink Google Calendar from Samsung Calendar?- samsung galaxy s7 data recovery- I have boxes around all of my drop down menu icons.- Can I put my Android SIM card in a iphone 5c?- Extra beep after almost every notification- Samsung Tablet in chinese and no google apps after factory reset- Note 8 PPSSPP Emulation- Sweat vs phone- Android Tablet won't recognize external storage device via micro usb- Facebook Marketplace on Note 8- Wireless charger for car using a case- Audio Streaming Issues When Screen is Off- Why is my Moto Maxx 2's battery indicate charging but is not- Some very weird issues!- Weird Problem A challenge to all.- How to Root Galaxy S3- S8+ touch screen not working properly- LG G6 Auto Brightness- Keeping Apps Loaded in Background vs. S8/S8+- Anyone trade in an iPhone 5 that had a note 7?- Nexus 5 crashing repeatedly on Oreo- HTC10 and HTC RE Camera- Edit and Delete Recurring Events in BlackBerry Calendar- Pre order phones vs waiting- Great to see not too many complaints about battery?- i need help.. please- Color Puzzle Games for Kids- Which microsd card?- Maybe stupid but Comfort view anyone ?- Why the long screen?- Wi-Fi calling on unlocked UK version- font change in lenovo k4 note- I can't log in using app- Note 8 CPU- Getting It! :-)- question regarding my trade in device and prep.- [FREE][5.0+]Tool for musicians- KEYone- In my Galaxi J3 appeared the gray and red bar and the coordinates- Not receiving notifications- samsung kies wont show thumbnail pictures only showing thumbnail icons- Update 5.0.1- Date and time information is not updating automatically - GS7- Cannot get to menu button on Moto C...- Why Are Texts Going To Email Account Also?- Anyone here have the Zenfone deluxe 5.7 inch?- Transfering music from Macbook air to Android Samsung s7 ??? HOW??- My samsung s7 tried 11 attempts to unlock by itself- Old micro SD card performance.- How can I root Droid Maxx- Escape Girls Room 1- Samsung s7 tried 11 attempts to unlock the phone by itself- my laptop doesnt read my phone,Moto M, after android N updation- Galaxy J3 Luna Pro vs.Galaxy J3 Sky- Chameleon instead of sprint- I dont have software update in about device or any where in c9 pro- Google Play store download problem- How to back up scan documents with documents scan apps?- group sms, mostly numbers- [GAME] [FREE] Crack The Egg: Chicken Farm- Android car radio app- Has Anyone Used a Verizon Pre-paid SIM while traveling in areas T-Mobile does not cover?- chromebook pro running play store yet?- Can we Move Apps to External Storage on the Note 8 without root?- text in car- Weird T-Mobile Connection Issue.- Noise canceling and speakerphone are awful- Anyone use Samsung Pay Successfully at Price Chopper?- Wallet Case with Pouch Slot- Nokia 8 contacts- Does anyone know if you can adjust the screen sensitivity?- Can I take screenshot at a lower resolution than my phone native resolution?- *Best Note 8 Screen Protector Glass or Film?- Ads on charging screen- Why is my yahoo push notifications not working on my samsung note 8?- Unblock Facebook Messenger?- Oreo Worst upgrade ever?- UPreferences- Why Phone Shuts off or Reboots when volume is high ?- lost contacts when upgraded to Oreo on Pixel XL- S7 Edge battery MOD Successful but battery percentage wont calibrate?- Cannot change text to speech language- Jeep - Song Titles not displaying after Oreo update- New Google Feature- Google calendar reflects other cities weather- Used Dr. Fone to attempt text recovery, stuck phone in a weird root state, S7- Missing game tools?- Picked up a Defender case and Belkin USB-C cord- What Stylus are you using?- Worst battery- Just can't give this phone up- Chromecast not connecting to college internet- Why has my axon 7 mini not received the 7.1.1 update yet?- Why Apple Inc. Skept iPhone9 & Microsoft did it too with Win's 9- Oreo Update - Moto Z2 force - T mobile variant- (wireless) chargers that stop charging when phone reaches 100% charge- marshemellow feature will make you lose your data as i did can anyone help- LED Notification Light...sporatic?- Adding apps to wrong screen?- Does PictoScanner app work on Galaxy 8- Set Contact Photo without Having to Save it in My Gallery?- Couldn't update because of low space on Samsung Galaxy S7- IMEI numbers/prior to official street release- Pixel trying to "upgrade" to 7.1.2 after Oreo update.- Phone for modder- What is hvviagihhum.bid?- Innovative duck-shooting Android app 'Mad ducks AR'- Can a text show another persons number?- Moto G4 Plus performance 1+ year- Where can I find user guide for MXG-408 ?- Charger question- September security update / full Oreo install- Recommended back up method?- Spelling Errors Auto-Correct- Used Samsung Gear S2 Classic- First Return!- S8 Plus on the desk or table- Hiding navigation bar issue- Cortana on Note 8 - Broken?- how to change chinese android tab to a generic one- SMS Issue with Oreo and T-Mobile...- S8+ battery help?- Samsung Galaxy J7- Any automated way to turn on/off wifi hotspot?- فهرست موضوعی