عناوين مطالب سایت
Alexa may be the anti - Pandora

unroot is not working

I have no keyboard

Too Many Contacts in My Android Dialer

Fun things Bixby can do!

Bluetooth Volume?

Google case and magnetic mounts

Sim card locked

No "Ok Google" beep on brand new moto z2 play

I purchased a iPhone 10

Pixel 2 XL stuck in 8.0.0 Android

No internet connection

How do I fix screen flickering due to water damage?

Samsung 8s every time I set the ringer it will automatically go back to silent

i don't have live tap on my instagram for live story

why won't my lg stylo 2 work right?

how to get marshmallow for my rca maven pro tablet thats already rooted

GT-P5110: "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue..."

Anyone else having s8+ wireless charging issues?

Bookmarks are getting deleted after few minutes

Delete word combinations

long press home key

Dialer update

How to turn your V20 into a V30!

Moto Z Play starts playing random songs while paired with LG smartwatch?

Device locator is connecting to phones but not showing their location. GPS is turned on.

Sprint Hulu question

Hiw do i find friends without knowing their username

Why am i getting a unzip error on my blu energy mini diamond

Samsung J5 Pro - factory re-set is stuck on downloading don't turn off target for ages

Samsung rewards/account/pay

Why my phone redmi note 3 automatically play songs whenever i plugged in ear phone??

Replacement LG G4 dead after 2 days

Identify the icon

My keyboard won't pop up.

Rounded screen corners.

Double Tap to Wake While Plugged In?

Deleted scribble new folder mistakenly created

Quick response

[FREE-GAME] - 2D Drift Parking Game

why my keyboard wont appear after my phone says google keyboard has stopped

Tab 4 screen time out

Why can't I receive pictures/video on my Astro 5s?

Deleted all SD pictures of our Joe Bonamassa Concert!! SO upset

Malware removal from play store download

S8 Auto Brightness at Night

Error Transfering Photos from Pixel 2 to PC

how to change samsung s8 call screen

Why does my tab s 10.5 power off

Why would my galaxy tab s shut off when i open game apps

note 5 factory reset working

note 5 factory reset not working


Samsung a3 (2017) will not pair via blutooth with a 2015 skoda octavia mk3

How do I return to Maps Navigation after ending a phone call while driving?

Text one contact and another contact also gets the text.

Essential or Keyone?

Google assistant and music issues

Why don't I hear turn by turn directions?

Microphone on keyboard

Shortcut To Stock Camera Settings

Play iTunes with assistant

Why does my lg tribute keep putting itself into silent mode?

Bluetooth not working with my Bose speakers

Phone won't let me log in to disable Google account

Pixel XL 2 from Verizon question.

Bettery drains 40% overnight

Samsung GalaxyS8+ Google virus warning. Is this for real? Screenshot beliw.

Phone jack to audio speaker noise

how do i get the keyboed to work as it has stopped working

how to flash rom with out having access to USB-debug mode,


How To: Twitter Mobile App To Default in Messaging?

HTC u ultra phone cannot log out of gmail. any ideas please??

Can't move apps to see card after update to android 7.1.1

Notification sounds won't change

Help me choose a phone

Ansroid auto question

Samsung Note 5 popup when I unlock screen.

Edge / Firefox on ChromeOS

Why Cant I Hear Snapchat calls With My Bluetooth Head phones?

Notificarions on dismissing notifications?

recover deleted files from non rooted oneplus 3t

how will an os upgrade from mashmallow to nougat effect a samsung SM-T350

phone vibration

My Sim iccid compared with phone iccid is showing error

my lenovo p770 playstore stopped working,it keeps saying reconnection problem,what should i do

if i lost my password how can i get it

I forgot the private mode password what can i do

Why want it let me bypass setup wifi on a used samsung galaxy cricket

Samsung Video Keeps Trying To Upgrade On My Galaxy S5

Can't save any photo

Default USB Transfer Mode

What Is the Unlock Code for a ZTE Build Z832V1.4.18?

USB C headphone options?

samsung s6 wifi truning on by itself

Galaxy J5 mirroring to laptop + SideSync fail

USSD codes cause a drop from LTE to HSPA or lower

Sprint Reception in Boston and Suburbs?

OMG Verizon Security Update at last

Why does my samsung tablet E say try again in 1440 minutes?

Why can't I access my more settings on m8s

Can't make calls

where is places and what's nearby for

lg g6 dac chipset already include?

Google Voice Icon is missing from my device

Question re: Best Buy Geek Squad

Why does Wi-Fi lose connection on random public WiFi sites?

Why is my S5 not working after flashing ROM?

Anyone having issued with Pixel 2XL shutting off randomly while been charged?

Outgoing calls not happening

Setting contact favorites.

Essential Phone or Samsung Galaxy S7???

why have i got a circle with pin on lock screen samsung s8 and how do I get rid of it

Do you have app tha does not need internet

Duplicated Photos

Missing pictures after doing software update on my Samsung galaxy core.

Limiting text notification sounds

can any one will give a solution

Need reliable Rooting service for Note 4.

how to turn off sound for email notifications for Sony Xperia Z2

Why is my batery draining so fast on LG G3

How do i install back my google play services

How can I get echo dot to work my TV and cable

Where is turned screen off on note 8?

why is my keyboard is not popping up

Will a Straight Talk S7 work with a Verizon Sim?

Powerbeats3 not connecting

Back Up To Samsung

Single Dad with 2 kids I need to keep up with

Best Gimbal

Auto changing wallpaper on low battery...

Hotmail/Outlook in GMail App - No ActiveSync

Spell checker not woriking in Afrikaans language!!

Android Car on HTC One M9 not working properly

How can I read pictures coded EXif metadada (ALCSIIF5 Samsung Galaxy J5)

Taptapfish ads not playing and CM won't answer my emails.

Pixel 2 won't connect Samsung Gear S1

Why can't I get into my settings?

Unable to connect to data all of a sudden. Data is ON.

anyone use 3rd party camera app?

How can I import a large list of contacts to my android?

Note 8 touchscreen problems

I pressed my on buttons all together

Gear Sport running screen will not stay on

Mystery folder and apps

Storage Wars!

Huawei Mate 10 Pro review and cases you should check out

Always on Display setup

Wileyfox swift will not turn on

I deleted my internal storage not knowing it would delete almost everything.

Can the Samsung S8 translate text messages into Spanish?

U11+ Unboxing and First Look

Ok Google Broadcast.....

Phone mount for softer-leather like dashboards

Google Calendar app not syncing all Calendar events from Exchange account

Why do notifications not pop up on my lockscreen?

My music goes up and down and pause by itself

Lenovo Android Keyboard Pop up

Why is my google play crashing after launching?

Why cant i send emails since i changed my aol passwird

Experia X APPLog

How would Nexus/Pixel be if Google still had Motorola?

why my phone speaker turns loud

Lg stylo 2 plus owner information not working

Just 2 annoying issues.. Smart stay and youtube

How to forward voicemail messages to another phone or email?

App to pin ideas with others.

How do I do ......

Anyone here jumped or is jumping to Mate 10?

SSH Tunnel not Hiding my Android IP

Stock email font

Wants to do any type of IT training program ?

No Signal

Why can't I organise my call log by date and time?

Laggy phone.

Just a heads up screen protector

Yellow tint photos in full light...

The Dark Fence - Halloween Party Escape

How to Enable Automatic Time Zone on Samsung tab 3 Model SM-T210

Can't add smart device

BLU Vivo XL: Text messaging not working after wireless update to Marshmallow

Unable to send text via Moto voice

Are Samsung phones jumpy like LG?

Who is to anwer if t. paper use is related to in-hospital- UT infections and food contaminatio?

Is there any way to change the size of app folders once you've opened them?

Install Android on 3rd Generation Kindle Fire HDX?

Why i can't get back the force stop app. How make aga

Why i can't get back the force stop app.

I have an Alcatel one touch and it won't let me save to sd card

Why won't my Alcatel one touch let me save or move apps to my sd card?

Can't rewind YouTube through Bluetooth

Is it good to have up and down arrows on my WiFi

I cant get the unlock number for my nextbook ares 8

Pero out for xz premium

How do I make Android 7 look like 6?

Ending my calls

Having scrolling problems

Keeping My Email Private?

One plus 5

Samsung Galaxy tab sm

why my phone's battery showing 0%

Can i send apps to sd card with xiaomi mi A1 phone

Games for discord

Why is my SD card suddenly not working properly?

Google pixel buds Verizon store

S5: Has anyone else had a new "default" folder added to your gallery that is filled with ads?

PD 5v 3a vs Quick Charge 3

Why is my micro SD card undetectable?

Which did you buy - Pixel 2 or 2 XL ?

Text Message only pulling up image not text?

selective focus

does nokia 8 from car phone warehouse, UK support hydird sim?

Media Player Android Studio

XL Owners: Will you be returning it?

Google Places LiveCase

Pixel 2 XL Screen Discussion

my redmi note 4 is dropped in water,what to do now?

How to buy T-Mobile v30 online without ONE plan?

Earbuds that will take full advantage of DAC

why beauty mode is disable during video calls on p10 lite? please help me please

wifi is not working on my phones but working on everything else

How good are the official Clear and Silicone Cover?

Why won't my wifi connect to my note 3, just keeps saying (unchanged)


How to add location stamp on pics?

Why can't i receive texts from one person only in Android Messages app?

Galaxy Tab S3 Screen Darker on Bottom?


Things I don't like about the U11 camera

google has stopped working would appear and now my Android tablet will not even come on?

Cannot pin to home screen

nfc read/emulate with galaxy s4

Incoming calls not working Sony MEX-N4200BT paired with Samsung Galaxy S6

Why isn't my tablet recognizing my expandable memory card

Why won't my phone charge at all?

Why won't my Note 8 use my bluetooth headphone microphone?

Hidden notification light?

t mobile deal

how can i reinstall my browser on my HTC through debloater? please i need urgent reply.

Hands on at Verizon

sprint note 8 messaging issues

Netflix HDR and YouTube HDR don't work on the V30 !!

How to turn off swipe effect on lock screen

htc sense has stopped working and stuck in loop, I cannot access settign or apps to fix it.

Why is my Galaxy S7 battery life false reading?

How to set default number for contacts

V30 owners: Is the glass 100% flat on the surface?

Switching from windows phone

System Update on VZW Droid Z Play

Why does my Pixel Xl go to sleep in my left hand

I have turned on radio in phone information and internet is working

I brought an LG phone back from the US. I replaced the SIM with one from Indo.

In pared my phone from cars bluetooth.and now it won't pair back again

Should I do a hard reset after removal of Google Now launcher? Phone is slow...now

My 30 minutes Impressions on AT&T V30

Redirect outbound call to a different number that the one dialed

Muy phone says it's infected

Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 Camera really dirty

First impressions... pretty much the same as V20 and G6

Dont save picture received

opera mini crashes and slow on android venue 3840 tablet

Why did they change the way the dictionary works with multiple languages?

Button in Nougat not snoozing anymore

Any other way to overcome Samsung S3 Logo Flashing?

Multiple Languages

CM Applock - How do you prevent it from being uninstalled.

Which devices can record ONLY the other side?

why in the TO box my contact is blue and say chat instead of text message

How many hours are you getting for screen on time on your z2 play?

Fixing galaxy s8+ at official Samsung center

What exactly this line does.

Are any other 128 Pixel/Pixel XL owners downgrading storage space on the Pixel 2?

Any way to restore Samsung Notes Files on Samsung Galaxy 8+ after a Factory Reset?

Videos randomly pausing - android

How do I disable upcoming alarm notification in Oreo?

Usb-c to 3.5 plug

Google app store stopped working

Export/sync Facebook friends as contact list using app

Anyone on At&t planning on getting this phone?

Happy as can be

How do I stop my S8 from dimming the screen while replying Whatsapp from lock screen?

What an afternoon

How do I turn off auto turn on?

What's the latest on Oreo?

Samsung Pay will it work

App that adjusts screen brightness using the time of the day?

How can I send a text to all my contacts?

Font gets very small when moving to new website

my mobile is getting powered u

Web Links Not Working

best 'Find Your Friends" locator equivalent app ?

anyway to soft touch screen to end phone call rather than hard press side power button

Unlocked Note 8 on T-Mobile

Undo home screen settings

Why is my speaker

J5 Prime MultiWindow

How do I remove the most recent software update on my Samsung s8

Note 8 now? Wait for S9? Or something else?

Does the US V30 come with earbuds?

Strange screen behavior

Post Factory Data Reset (via Settings Menu) these things no longer work

Brightness shoots up to 100 after powering off and on

Move your head? Brain On: Balls

Cannot initiate text messages to one contact Galaxy S6

Nexus 7 wont play video files

LG X Venture keyboard disappears in messaging app

I Think I Love Bixby

Why cant i download snapchat on my lg?

does Android have a compass that will work with the Photo pills app

Samsung car mode

Hi i my phone won't let me unlock my phone or press apps on my phone.

Post if your ship date moves up

Got my LG V30 today at AT&T store

How to get files off a SD card that was locked to a device?

Changing the options for USB connection

Display Panel

My android alcatel onetouch pop 8 wont turn on, how can I fix it?

everytime i unlock my phone an ad in browser pops up, Frustrated

Google Photos Via Samsung Gear VR and Galaxy S7

When is oreo update coming for Honor 6X

Passwords don't work for apps!

T-mobile return policy

How do you organize your apps?

youtube wont work

Why Is my phone not receiving system updates.

Exclamation Point in Triangle in Messages

Ruh-Oh... IPhone 8+ Batteries splitting phones

Lower left corner symbol, icon, button, whatever...

Always on notifcation?

64 or 128 GB

Directory view miss-match within app (cannot see external storage path)

Lock home button

did they say anything a out hdr support

Voice: can't change text notification sound

Pixel 2 Camera - is it really that good

Replacing the iPad Air on a budget

E-mails not removing from Email stock app after downloading to Outlook

Few problems with LG G3

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge- Screen protector help

How do I set my android device to use an external mic when recording video?

My Hauwei P8 Lite Ihave just purchased is using so much battery.

Help With Microsoft (formally Arrow) Launcher App

Best Buy, Costco, etc. availability?

Can't restore galaxy s7 edge to stock

Pixel 2 XL Sprint Sim card

Quick Charge?

free 100 gb google drive can i selectaccoun

Change Your Phone Number?

Firmware finder 9/7 B385 downgrade?

Pic message recieved but once i click on it..it disappears

Why won't my G5S not allow me to connect via USB

google maps icon disappeared

after factory reset jio will not work?

Google bar bavk om my screen to ask questions and have more informations

Google Play Newsstand - CPU hog

Panoramas not prompting 360 view

Why a downloaded file can't open

Whitestone Dome PSA: DO NOT wipe/rub off excess adhesive after curing!

Note 8, Full SCREEN Aspect Ratio, and Video Apps

Shortcut to turn off whatsapp notifications

Tap the screen to wake it up..

Package Disabler questions.

How to change the function of my volume buttons?

Why do word doc file name changes while attaching it into gmail app from File manager?

Help ads appearing on home screen!

Note 8 Super Mario Run Full Screen Question

Why can't I sign into my wish app on my android s7

How to sim unlock a Tmobile Coolpad 3320A?

Was a Dec 2016 Security Update OTA ever released?

Trying to Reinstall System

Rogers Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8+ not displaying caller ID name over bluetooth

Are there charges on using Emoji`s and lots of letters when texting

Finally clash of clans hack app is live on google play!

Why do my emoji groupings/categories keep changing every so often?

[Free] [Game] CakeSlice

Galaxy Note Heat problem

Edge Issues

B194 Firmware just arrived OTA

Popup Fullscreen Ads on my s8! Help please!!!

Email address autofill / autosuggest not working on any mail app

Sprint Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Pro Tip: Scan the same finger twice with case on and off

Why isnt the headphone icon on the bar?

Samsung Galaxy S7 - screen/icon grid issue

Moto G5 Plus Flashlight

Is it possible to schedule android system sync on Note 8?

LG V30 Tempered glass screen protectors

Why can't i use gifs in messenger since i had to reset my phone?

Tab S2 battery pattern (Charging Issues)

What would you change?

S8 shows full network connection icon even when there is no SIM

Game data file not transferring to AD card.

random SD card notification

AOD question

phone numbers in contact can not be changed.

Where is my apps grid on my One Plus 3t?

Verizon Galaxy S8 Notification for old unread SMS-S8+

Please help me. (LG X Power)

HDR on the Note 8

Anyone have problems with the Zagg HD glass protector on note 8?

Cleaning the speaker grill

YouTube app indefinitely buffers at 6 seconds

Moto Voice and the Z2 Play

How can i decode my Note 8 so it can take any sim?

Galaxy Sm-j320vpp root method?

mm-qcamera-daemon on Nexus 5x since Oreo upgrade


What are Amazon 6P owners doing about battery issue?

Note4 room error

Emails stopped working on Moto G4 Play

US Pure Nougat Is Finally Rolling Out!

Rotation no longer available after latest update

My screen is showing nothing but working besides

spot on phone screen

Help - cannot remove unidentifiable app

Supporting Apps type for AndroidAauto

Help...Random 0KB MMS Messages

Constant errors when apps download

S7 Edge rear glass cracked by itself, Help

Photos taken with the Moto G5S & G5S Plus

To switch from GSM to CDMA

Replacement SPEN

Please help!! Why is my tablet so slow?

What Moto Actions do you use?

S-note, Samsung Notes, bleh!

Yu Yureka Battery drain due to mediaserver

Pre-order process


Samsung S7 Mini with Strange UI

Hi How can I connect webRTC app to my Peerjs server?

Apps "lose" information when in background (file explorers return to starting location, ...)

Hotspot keeps disconnecting

Fast charging speed on note 8

Problems with my note 8. Please help

I'm having problems with my Pandora cutting in and out and just shutting off completely.

powering up w/qi and usb

Using Native 4K

Contact image changed on me

Super Charging compatible car charger?

Nexus 6p as a wired webcam?

Verizon Galaxy S8 Google Play music files

Phone w/guest profile mode?

Long press home button on AOD stops working (S8)

Messaging App - Not able to open in Chrome (Note 8)

Verizon is blocking my access to my own cloud content because I switched to AT&T

Samsung Galaxy S8 recover deleted text

Daydream VR problems

insensitive spot on lower right of screen ?

Accidental coverage

I can' find nearby function, Alcatel onetouch Firmware ver. 4.4.2

Google photos to Gallery!!

App drawing over screen preventing adding a card to Android pay. Help!?

Mobile View in Word

Apps missing from "app menu"

Spen Sensitivity

Double vibration

Where to learn??

Worth buying for 2 years?

Looking of OFFLINE Map App

Bixby long press button disabled, on Verizon Note 8?

Why is my ZTE Max Duo Bluetooth skipping

Thanks, but neither Reply function is on my page. I think that's very odd.

regarding xolo custom rom

I can't find my browser

Suggest something new to try on our Note 8s

Battery graph question

UK users would you get from EE or Samsung direct?

How to display s5 photos on ipad

Sounds Repeated...

Navigation bar colors

Considering remvoing my screen protector

What is causing full screen pop up ads in apps?

Whatsapp won't sync contacts

Youtube Android app video playback issue-black screen but audio keeps playing

Why internal storage space on my Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 doesn't add up?

Google account(s)

Will Android Wear allow reminders to alarm even if watch isn't paired to my phone?

[GAME][FREE] !BreakIT v_1.1.2

Echo on phone calls

Can my updated cricket S7 g930az be able to use the marshmallow samsung keyboard, on nougat?

Fingerprint gesture reversed

Every Note 8 S Pen Feature!

Gear Fit2 Pro Swim Counting

S8+ Restarting, Freezing, Battery Issues 5 Months Later

Smart select question

Quantum Watch Face

Brand spankin' new watch doesn't work.

Secure start up

White screen problem on Smart Lock screen

Edge Lightning Not Working

Will a galaxy s5 active motherboard work in galaxy s7 active?

Encrypt SD card

Android Pay picture of Pixel 2

Note 8 unlocking by swiping left, right, up or down.

SIM Tray Question

Samsung J7 prime freezed. NEED URGENT HELP!!!

What is the black coax cable that is attached to the back of the motherboard used for?

Downloading android packages via sdk manager in CentOS

Battery draining fast!!

Issues when trying to Build Android Project in a CentOS machine behind Corp proxy

My iPad is now my phone!

How to remove a deleted contacts birthday from my HTC Android?!

Replaced a screen at a samsung service center, awesome expirence

app specific notification sounds

How to know more new apps?

Samsung Pay trick with old-style credit-card readers

Moto Gamepad support

When will it ship

Why do I have pending text messages

"Needs to reauthenticate" Error?

Why I don't get notifications on galaxy s8

V30 B&O Certification

Killed My Internet By Cleaning Files?

Skype Battery Usage

direct dial and more disappear from home screen

Direct dial and more disappear from home screen

HD calling on t-mobile with unlocked g5

Skype in S7 Edge

Just made the Switch from a V10 to the Mate 9!

Customizable texting application

How to turn off auto correct?

Upgrade to Oreo

Straight Android Phone...

Add auto signature to all messages you send out

Does your LG G6 WiFi disconnects for several seconds every couple hours?

Missing features from Verizon version of Note 8

Android Auto Ayone?

View 360 Photos from Gallery

Gmail App - Exchange/O365 emails stay Queued in Outbox

I need to access the inner reaches of ny clip tray.

Recommendations for Phone App Replacements?

Weird display issue. Is this normal?

Best Scratch Remover for phones??

Phone clicking on the inside during hardware acceleration

Need some help, functionality is whacked out on my phone.

reading PDFs in LANDSCAPE mode?

buy in Samsung store UK?


Distorted hiccup during sound playback Galaxy A5 2017?

Recover lost data from s7

Need help understanding Google accounts

Unable to choose bookmark folder

Speakerphone activated

Why is the time not working?

Whitestone Dome Note 8


Has anyone successfully rooted the lg k3?

Weak cell service?

zizo cases

farewell 6P

Alarm still sounds when muted

Bixby can't hear me (solved)

T-Mobile Galaxy S8 brand new s8, questionable battery life

How to separate whatsapp's chats notifications on notification bar? (LG G3)

DeX Station with Note 8?

Take a look inside the LG V30

How do i disable pop up texts messages

Ok the honeymoon period is starting to wear off....

Location/Restoring of *Memo* app memo in phone storage?

S7 remember frequently used email addresses like in iPhone

Stock clock not snoozing since update

battery life ?

No icon for full screen youtube?

Samsung S7 only showing call/message history with caller ID when phone is locked?

spe Speck Presido Grip case.

How do I save things in my SD card to google photos?

Help!!! Is this normal?

Charging port broken

Security update support of GM6 with Android One

Can you create a folder within a folder on the home screen?

Since Nougat Update Photo/Video Colors Are Overly "Warm"

Is my phone tampered/ defective?

why is my phone turning off by itself. ?

Car charger

Portable Charger

How do I get rid of this crapware when I wake my phone????

S8+ Now Comes with Trade-In Deal Plus VR and Controller

Goodbye AOD

Can I fix the speech to text feature, so it works better?

Any update on whether the camera of Pixel 2 will have OIS?

Dumb question but no one has answered it seemingly

Is Android Neko (Cat easter egg) still working in Android 8?

How to unlink Google Calendar from Samsung Calendar?

samsung galaxy s7 data recovery

I have boxes around all of my drop down menu icons.

Can I put my Android SIM card in a iphone 5c?

Extra beep after almost every notification

Samsung Tablet in chinese and no google apps after factory reset

Note 8 PPSSPP Emulation

Sweat vs phone

Android Tablet won't recognize external storage device via micro usb

Facebook Marketplace on Note 8

Wireless charger for car using a case

Audio Streaming Issues When Screen is Off

Why is my Moto Maxx 2's battery indicate charging but is not

Some very weird issues!

Weird Problem A challenge to all.

How to Root Galaxy S3

S8+ touch screen not working properly

LG G6 Auto Brightness

Keeping Apps Loaded in Background vs. S8/S8+

Anyone trade in an iPhone 5 that had a note 7?

Nexus 5 crashing repeatedly on Oreo

HTC10 and HTC RE Camera

Edit and Delete Recurring Events in BlackBerry Calendar

Pre order phones vs waiting

Great to see not too many complaints about battery?

i need help.. please

Color Puzzle Games for Kids

Which microsd card?

Maybe stupid but Comfort view anyone ?

Why the long screen?

Wi-Fi calling on unlocked UK version

font change in lenovo k4 note

I can't log in using app

Note 8 CPU

Getting It! :-)

question regarding my trade in device and prep.

[FREE][5.0+]Tool for musicians


In my Galaxi J3 appeared the gray and red bar and the coordinates

Not receiving notifications

samsung kies wont show thumbnail pictures only showing thumbnail icons

Update 5.0.1

Date and time information is not updating automatically - GS7

Cannot get to menu button on Moto C...

Why Are Texts Going To Email Account Also?

Anyone here have the Zenfone deluxe 5.7 inch?

Transfering music from Macbook air to Android Samsung s7 ??? HOW??

My samsung s7 tried 11 attempts to unlock by itself

Old micro SD card performance.

How can I root Droid Maxx

Escape Girls Room 1

Samsung s7 tried 11 attempts to unlock the phone by itself

my laptop doesnt read my phone,Moto M, after android N updation

Galaxy J3 Luna Pro vs.Galaxy J3 Sky

Chameleon instead of sprint

I dont have software update in about device or any where in c9 pro

Google Play store download problem

How to back up scan documents with documents scan apps?

group sms, mostly numbers

[GAME] [FREE] Crack The Egg: Chicken Farm

Android car radio app

Has Anyone Used a Verizon Pre-paid SIM while traveling in areas T-Mobile does not cover?

chromebook pro running play store yet?

Can we Move Apps to External Storage on the Note 8 without root?

text in car

Weird T-Mobile Connection Issue.

Noise canceling and speakerphone are awful

Anyone use Samsung Pay Successfully at Price Chopper?

Wallet Case with Pouch Slot

Nokia 8 contacts

Does anyone know if you can adjust the screen sensitivity?

Can I take screenshot at a lower resolution than my phone native resolution?

*Best Note 8 Screen Protector Glass or Film?

Ads on charging screen

Why is my yahoo push notifications not working on my samsung note 8?

Unblock Facebook Messenger?

Oreo Worst upgrade ever?


Why Phone Shuts off or Reboots when volume is high ?

lost contacts when upgraded to Oreo on Pixel XL

S7 Edge battery MOD Successful but battery percentage wont calibrate?

Cannot change text to speech language

Jeep - Song Titles not displaying after Oreo update

New Google Feature

Google calendar reflects other cities weather

Used Dr. Fone to attempt text recovery, stuck phone in a weird root state, S7

Missing game tools?

Picked up a Defender case and Belkin USB-C cord

What Stylus are you using?

Worst battery

Just can't give this phone up

Chromecast not connecting to college internet

Why has my axon 7 mini not received the 7.1.1 update yet?

Why Apple Inc. Skept iPhone9 & Microsoft did it too with Win's 9

Oreo Update - Moto Z2 force - T mobile variant

(wireless) chargers that stop charging when phone reaches 100% charge

marshemellow feature will make you lose your data as i did can anyone help

LED Notification Light...sporatic?

Adding apps to wrong screen?

Does PictoScanner app work on Galaxy 8

Set Contact Photo without Having to Save it in My Gallery?

Couldn't update because of low space on Samsung Galaxy S7

IMEI numbers/prior to official street release

Pixel trying to "upgrade" to 7.1.2 after Oreo update.

Phone for modder

What is hvviagihhum.bid?

Innovative duck-shooting Android app 'Mad ducks AR'

Can a text show another persons number?

Moto G4 Plus performance 1+ year

Where can I find user guide for MXG-408 ?

Charger question

September security update / full Oreo install

Recommended back up method?

Spelling Errors Auto-Correct

Used Samsung Gear S2 Classic

First Return!

S8 Plus on the desk or table

Hiding navigation bar issue

Cortana on Note 8 - Broken?

how to change chinese android tab to a generic one

SMS Issue with Oreo and T-Mobile...

S8+ battery help?

Samsung Galaxy J7

Any automated way to turn on/off wifi hotspot?

Will the Note8 get the Note9's spen software upgrade

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 - Google Prompt is not displaying a prompt

IMEI Unknown

Isn't NFL Mobile App Not Supposed to Use Your Data?

Stylo 3 plus wont connect to tv with hdmi/slimport cable

Bluetooth no longer automatically connects after update

Text to Speech button is missing after OS upgrade!

New messaging feature?

google unlock not working will a new sim help?

Best camera settings for kids/pets

Usage Manager app gone?

Does Android tablet have note taking app similar to Notability and GoodNotes for iPad?

Note 4 sm-n910a unroot help

HOW to recover accidentally deleted .jpg photos ? Any tip, please?

Bluetooth and my car

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Automating Bluetooth device disconnect

How do I change the S3Frontier voice sensitivity

Possible to set 'Unified' as the default view in BlueMaill app?

why is my samsung s7 edge battery draining fast?

How can I load my SD card from my computer?

S7 Battery Already Fried?

I've been trying to install an apk file of youtube

Budget phone?

Loving the Z life again

Favorite note 8 only feature(s)

Keyboard finger stutter.

How do I recover the original version of a cropped photo?

Fingerprintsensorgate part 2

Any Blackberry Dtek app-like for non-BB Android phones?

Samsung Pay

MAJOR increase in battery life

Cherry mobile cubix morph wont open

App to Silence all for a set period of time

Hurricane Irma is the only thing standing in between me and my Note 8.

What texting apps does everyone use?

Using blue tooth for calls and screen lock.

How can I get rid of pre-installed apps on my LG K20plus?

Bixby not syncing with S Health

Verizon Galaxy S8 Is there a disadvantage to getting a Verizon phone from Samsung?

[APP][FREE] Unit Converter Pro - currency and units converter

What Security patch is everyone on?

Strange Boot Icon and No signal. Anyone seen this?

Various problems saving video to SD card

Image retention quick fix

galaxy note 3.. i have internet alright but i dont know why is always stucked on edge

Galaxy Note8 Unboxing

LG Q6 merge External memory?

Importing Quick Access links

Galaxy S7 Edge intermittently stuck on padlock after recent firmware update

Bell Galaxy S8 Custom Tones for MMS

Work out apps

Blu Advance 4.0 L2

Android system notifications

My GS7 has begun running Spam-like stuff while recharging

S health sensor issues?

Display off when I'm on speaker phone

Why does my new s8+ charge by itself

Any bleeding red tint on the N8 screens?

unlocked bootloader how to root

I find the screen too slippery

Why is galaxy 6 on Nougat 7 not showing icon badge notifications for unread messages ?

High performance mode

Unable to transfer photos to pc

Google Apps not working after unrooting galaxy tab E

I did what u said.but still i cant send premium sms..what should i do

earphone problem

Can't copy files to my Samsung Galaxy J3 from PC

Why is Do Not Disturb mode allowing exceptions?

Google Play Music cuts let few seconds from tunes

Phone stop to ask for a pin to unlock

Anyone leave the S8+ and went with the Note 8? Would you return?

Unlock Samsung Galaxy J3

[FREE] [GAME] Scrap: Rebuild - Classic 2D Sidescroller

4 in 1 escape

Why is my Galaxy S8 showing a slideshow while charging?

[Sprint] Anybody having luck with Package Disabler Pro?

How to enable Developer Options on Note 8?

Nexus 6P Wifi issues with Oreo

Nexus Player No Audio with Samsung TV

GPS won't turn off since 8.0 update...

Best Buy IN STORE Pickup Preorder Thread

Home Screens

Rooting Alcatel Fierce 4, want to get rid of File Manager that suddenly showed up

Ok Google Not working after August update

Why is Messenger refusing to reinstall?

Huawei Mate 10 coming on October 16, powered by AI-centric Kirin 970

Kirin 970 to use dual image signal processors, making the S8 camera look like a blurry mess

Can virtual home, back, recent apps buttons be pinned to always show ?

Huawei says that the Mate 10 will be faster than Samsung and Apple

Multiple texts sent since 8.0

Will the Mate 10 come to USA carriers?

Why do all my calls break up? I can't hear them, they can't hear me.

Easiest Way to Use Bixby to Add Item to Google Tasks?

Note 8 Battery Life

android lollipop keeps going back to homescreen while using apps.

Jerry: Gotta help me check my little kid

Unable to detect sim

Galaxy Tab A 9.7 - Screen Keeps Dimming In Animation Apps

Connecting to an existing Vpn Server With IPSEC

Text to speech

New Escape Games 172

Wrong name right number

Gmail app: Deleted emails not syncing across devices

Bixby and Google Assistant can Coexist!

Galaxy note 4 has an mmc problem, how long will it live?

Anyone Else Have This ANNOYING Lag on Android 8?

Detachable or convertible?

Why do i have to encrypt my SD card to see what's inside

What Ethernet Adapter do I use to connect my Lenovo Tab2 to the Ethernet with WiFi off?

How to call/place commands from bluetooth when phone is locked

how to turn off voice input

Verizon Galaxy S8 Gmail quit syncing while on Wifi

Tecoer deleted text messages

Boost S7 digitizer in Sprint S7?

Tab 4 SM-T230NU Won't boot download mode missing robot

Help Me Understand

Internet apps aren't opening on Samsung a3

Essential PH1 IMEI

Android zeepad 7drk factory reset

How to bypass Verizon Family Base data restrictions?

How to bypass a remote "Erase" on an Android 5.1.1 smartphone?


why am I not receiving push notifications galaxy s6 nougat

Freeze back button not working on S8

Tethering on the S7 Edge

How do I set-up Smart Lock Trusted Voice or Trusted Face on my Galaxy S7 edge?

Samsung galaxy s7 edge touch suddenly unresponsive

OpenVPN Issues

WTS: Wts: Htc m8

What is SPPLog.zip?

Selling My S6 on ebay

Do the Note 7 S-pens work on the Note 8?

Is Samsung actually nervous about the iPhone 8 and going to launch the S9 early?

Identical version of the Calendar app, but icon behaves differently on phone and tablet - why?

How to remove unknown lock screen

Viewing my "Subscribed Forums?... How?

Cannot mount to PC after Android 8.0 update

Download Manager

Interested in first android for Christmas, need help :)

Screen overlay detected - How to turn it off?

"Screen overlay detected" - how to turn it off?

Galaxy S6 google voice problems with too fast voice?

Why not Android?

T-mobile and unlocked Note 8

Galaxy S4 Power Button Issue (or maybe something else).

Custom people edge colors

Can I temporarily place my SIM card in someone else's active phone in order to export my contacts?

Wi-Fi problem on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

Do I Need a Screen Protector if I Get a Galaxy S8 or S8+?

Notifications on lock screen

Samsung Galaxy S II phone, garbled voices

Is a power converter needed for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & Classic iPod?

[FREE][APP][4.0+] Top Baby Names

The Fantasy Gridiron - NFL Fantasy Football talk

Snapchat on Galaxy S8+ pictures resizing after uploading

If you take an SD card from one phone and put it into an other will all your passwords be safemy

How to unlock s7 no sprint network

where are complete specs

Seeking a desktop/Samsung messenger app

Current security patch level?

Changing locked screen weather/clock widget

NEWBIE to Amazon tablets (Fire HD 8), need BIG help here!

i cant send a message or i cant make phone calls why

Do S-Pen icons pop out on the Note 7/8 when using a custom Launcher?

Need fitness app suggestion for Jakcom B3 Smart Band please

Android zte grand 5.0

Option for gifs on Facebook

I didn't install an update, now phone is on but screen is black

Anyone know of good app similar to Microsoft word for a tablet?

Is there a way to Self-Bcc: on Corporate (exchange) email for Huawei P9

Youtube, Twitch, and Podcast apps buffer then lose video, but retain audio

pattern dots small android 5.0.1

How do i restore the original s8 home screen

LG G Vista stuck in a bootloop

Welp, I guess I'm sticking with the V20 for at least a another year.

Samsung pay freezing

i cant use my samsung j16 after reboting system

New to the forum

On a g4 android phone how do transfer itunes music from a mac to the g4 ?c

Why can't I reset my android tv box?

What's with this levelling up in Bixby?

Sometimes while swyping I'll suddenly notice what I've already typed is disappearing as I go

LG G4 LS991 Dropped phone. Power button not working most of the time.

Icon i don't want

C9Pro; in voice call person on other hand doesn't hear my voice

How do I find my clip tray and erase my contents.


how to reinstate IP address in lenovo tab2 a10-30

my camera is not working

USB-C Desktop Dock


Show photos from emails and Viber

Nexus 7 tablet, 2016, Wi-fi connection error: "Wi-fi has no internet access"

Do I HAVE TO install Android 7.1.1 before 8.0?

Battery Drains by 30% - 40% After Shutdown and then rebooting it again!

watchmaker app - if statement never true!

Location based wifi

How to turn off the passcode in experia z3 if none is not an option

updating Android

how do I know which driver to install to my kyocera android gophone?

Can smart switch Samsung work with LG android?

I think my problem is unsolvable!

Chocolate Stickers

I can't install new android nougat7.1.2 on my wileyfox swift2x it just won't install it

Read a .txt file on Asus K013 Tablet

why is my phone taking forever to come on

backup to google drive disabled by your admin

Unable to unlock my phone

S8 active user interface questions

Galaxy S5 cannot sync profile?

Camera focus

I killed Google off, I think.

US Unlocked S8/+ Has Anyone Received August Security Patch?

Pixel Still a Viable Option? Gotta get Phone By September 10.

Can't Add Signature to Text Messages

Droid Maxx 2 doesn't read micro SD card?

Can't get facebook and messanger to connect to internet

Unable to open web browser due to unauthorized reset

Problem with my personal contact

why is my phone not showing apps

Samsung s6 screen rotating green cross line

Is there a way to turn screen lock on in an emergency?

Real battery life links and reviews

cant open my google playstore?

Temp. missing from transparant weather clock.

samsung gt-p6200 ..not charging, not turning on...black screen......what is the solution?

How do I change the main user name on my phone. Please it's urgent

why can't I update google+

The Adavanced Quad-DAC explained

Canada: Best place to order new battery?

how to improve battery life?

Why can't I get any games

Do I need a new charging port?

Why does the photo get darker when i edit it on my samsung galaxy s6?

In last month no more sound when i receive a message

Why is Bixby Briefing on clock

Verizon Allows Note 4 Rebate but not Note Edge for Note 8 Purchase

bookmark sync

Sound comes out of the wrong speaker.(galaxy s4)

Issues with connecting my galaxy s8 to my car via usb!

Note 5 will not show delivered messages to one of my contacts

Why did I just solve google nows laggy behaviour.?

S7 camera - file storage questions

My Instagram Videos that i upload won't play

why does my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge screen jolt when the phone is lit up

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Not connecting to Odin

Will you be using Samsung smart switch or a completely clean install?

Cant download or update

weird samsung s7edge problem

Why does my phone flash light instead of playing ringtone

Accessories sales for Note 8 up 30% over sales for accessories of Note 7

I can't install Third Party Apk. messed With CsC Files

is fast charging not good for battery performance, or not ?

kickstand case, non-bulky

"calls over 4gl"

belt-holster case for allowing minimally protected or naked N8 to slide in/out

Any one using the unlocked S8 on T-MOBILE

Undo removal of icon from homescreen

피망맞고- (论【 HCR333。CoM 】论) -피망맞고피망맞고

폰타나바둑이- (反【 HCR333。CoM 】反) -폰타나바둑이폰타나바둑이

The back isn't slick

Anyone updated Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 to Nougat 7.0 ?

No future updates?

Notification issue - Unfortunately GBHL has stopped working

I want to get rid of these pop up ads if i want to know about them i will google them

why is my lg tresure not finding my U8 smartwatch in bluetooth

badge only notification

Mad King

Instead of service bars I have cirole with line through it and can't make calls or get calls or text

Is the LG G5 really not going to get Android Oreo?

is wireless charging affected by magnetic car holder sticker on back ??

my LG is stuck on the logo screen when I turn it on.

When my phone have biometrics and password to unlock its still unlocked by swipe how to remove it

Note 8 Pre-Order?

Why are videos not opening properly in the gallery?

why does my phone freeze on MetroPCS logo reinitiates and loops

camera swutch option disappeared

Need to access account, completely blacked out screen.

What is the best way to root my device?

What is this icon/What does it mean?

Active to Verizon this Year?

Samsung Device Insights Program Privacy Concerns

If I close my apps how do I open them again?

Samsung galaxy s8; how do I email all the text messages in string?

how do i pair my yrueblue bluetooth to my LG phone

Camera & Dual Bluetooth

how do i connect my trueblue bluetooth to my new LG phone

Phone application

should I trade my v20 for the note 8?

What is this Blue Circle "Man with Head & Shoulders" Upper Right Corner?

Hand-picked Cases & Screen Protectors for Note 8


Costco: Galaxy Note 8 Pre-Order Thread

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