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I received a text message that originated from a random number. The first thing in the body of the text was a phone number that I recognize from someone that I have in my contact list. The next part of the message indicated that I had a message pending at Verizon+ messaging and there was a link to download.

Message format: From random number: 1234567890: messages are waiting for you. Download Message+ to read these messages.

There was a link to get the app. I was previously a Verizon customer. I followed the link, but I realize I should not have done that. The link took me to the app in the play store. I installed it, but since I'm not with Verizon, I could not proceed with the setup.

After doing some research, I determined that the text message that I should have received was a group message and was successfully received by everyone else. I confirmed my number was included. I also determined that the placeholder I used for the valid phone number is a Verizon wireless number.

Additionally, I have successfully received group text messages from the "placeholder" number in the past. Neither Verizon or AT&T can explain what happened in this situation. There's seemingly no answer as to why everyone else that the group text was sent to, successfully received the message.

I had another person with Verizon service send me a text and it was received without any issues. Can anyone here provide any thoughts on how the message in question got to everyone else successfully, but I didn't get it even though I was included?

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