New Samsung Gear S2 - how to remove instructions off watch face?

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    I just unboxed my Samsung Gear S2 and set it up. But the annoying "Bezel up/down; back; power" words on the watch face apparently can't be removed. The Youtube "unboxing" videos show a piece of plastic that wraps around the watch that's easily removed that takes these instructions off - but mine has no such plastic wrap-around piece, nor is there an obvious plastic edge on the face itself to remove that will also remove these words. Am I supposed to get a razor blade and hope to pry it off the face without scratching it in the process or something?

    Today 08:58 AM

    نویسنده : استخدام کار بازدید : 8 تاريخ : سه شنبه 24 بهمن 1396 ساعت: 20:58
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