How can I remove account from gmail app only - keep account on phone.

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    I have a galaxy S8+. I have (2) work emails (gmail) that I use the gmail app with and a personal gmail account that I use Outlook with. I don't want to have my personal gmail account in the gmail app because it is very annoying trying to switch between (3) different apps in the gmail app as the icons don't distinguish between the accounts. I have already turned of email sync for my personal account, but it still shows up in the gmail app, with the sync turned off and each time I try to switch between my (2) work emails, I accidentally click the personal account and have to switch again or I have to use the account drop down to read the name of the account that I want to switch to. While it's not the end of the world to have to use the account drop down, it would just be simpler not to have the personal account in the app.

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