What can I do when the speaker does not work in telephony apps

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    Especially I do not know where to ask or report that bug.

    What happens:
    On my Caterpillar S60 with Android 6 I have the issue, that I cannot hear sound from the phones internal speaker, but only during phone or skype calls. SO I can hear notification sounds, I can listen to music, the speaker also works when I switch the phone app to hands free mode during the phone call. In the not-hands-free-mode however it is just silent. Of course I checked the volume settings and tried to increase or decrease volume. Also it works when I plug in an external headset. However, according to the status icons, the phone does not think that an external headset is plugged without actually being plugged in.
    After a clean of the phones cache, it will work for some days and then the same issue reappears.
    I do not want to send the phone in, because then I won't have it for 3 to 4 weeks and as it is obviously a software issue, it will probably reappear sooner or later.
    What else can I check? Should I and how can I contact the android developers with this issue?
    Thank you for your help.

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