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Extended battery stats question

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I got the 6,400mAh Perfine battery and have been running it the past several days. I'm also running AccuBattery and C3 Battery Monitor to compare to my OEM battery, and I updated the battery capacity rating to match the new one on both apps. The battery does last longer since my old one was going bad, but I'm not sure if the stats are correct or if this new one is defective. I actually expected a little longer time than I'm getting.

I can't upload screenshots because of the forum app, but AccuBattery is reporting the new battery is at 50% health with a capacity estimate of 3,181mAh. When charging, it never registers a full capacity charge when at 100%. I did run the battery down until it shut off, then fully charge it to manually calibrate the app, and there was little change. Deleting app data did help by clearing the old battery history, but not by much.

3C is reporting full 6,400 capacity when I charge. So one of the apps is incorrect and I'm almost thinking this one is it, especially if it's just going by the phone percentage reporting. Side note, I mostly use this app for checking voltage drops and current history, not so much for capacity.

So I guess I'm curious what others have experienced with using larger batteries and these apps. What's making me question this is my time between charges isn't quite what I expected even after letting it break in over a few days, and that it's not taking much longer to charge than on the OEM battery. Being a larger capacity, it should take a fair bit longer to charge because the charge current would remain the same.

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