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Note 3 new battery problem

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Hello guys, so I have this note 3 since last summer and it's working fine, but a few weeks ago the battery started draining faster and faster and the phone holds for about 3 or 4 hours with mobile data or WiFi on. So I went to a store where they had those gsm accessories. And I bought a new battery which they said it is original and cost me about $35. Now the problem is, the old battery is charging ok, and it's working, but drains kinda fast. And the new battery... Well... Let me explain what's happening
So, when they gave it to me it went straight in the phone and I used it to about 15% from 73%. When I wanted to charge the new battery, the battery sign in the up right corner of the screen showed a small lightning like it was charging, BUT the notification led did not show a continuous red light like it was charging, but an intermittent red light like the phone was low on battery. One more thing is, when I plug in the charger, it says charging and then that "Charging" disappears (it stays there for about a second then it won't show anymore" I will say one more time that the old battery charges fine, but it's life is the problem.
Any advice would be appreciated

Today 04:29 AM

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