Why my phone repeatedly sends the same text message multiple times?

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    I have an Alcatel Idol 4 and it is only just over a year old and is have texting issues. At first my friends would tell me or ask why I sent them the same message around 4 times even though on my phone I says it sent it once. Recently it has gone insane! It repeatedly sent the same message 48times to someone! It also messaged some over 70times 4 sentences I sent in separate texts in a span of 6 hours. With bursts of 3 the same or 4 the same. I even shut my phone off to try and stop it and an hour after I turned it on and it sent about 3 more repeated messages to that person again. I have tried to factory reset my phone, use an anti virus software to clean it and still nothing.

    Today 08:39 PM

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