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    I have no intentions of purchasing the Pixel 2/XL but I find them to be very tempting phones. I also don't miss opportunities to play around new devices when they become available. I went to Verizon unnoticed by the sales reps so I really had some nice uninterrupted time with mostly the 2 XL but the smaller Pixel 2. I really love the design. The bezels are not as slim as say the Note 8 or the V30(which I also played around with) but they are greatly justified this year with the inclusion of front facing speakers. I'd take front facing speakers over tiny bezels any day when they're implemented this way. The P2 XL is definitely not a slim device but the heft feels good and it's backed up by a decent sized battery.

    The cameras are as advertised but my goodness, the UI is way too bare bones for me. I like to control my shots which is why I've leaned towards LG phones over the competition. You could go with a third party app but my guess is you lose out on Google's algorithms. Not sure. I'm particularly impressed with the FFC after the blurry 5mp one on the V30. Main sensor autofocus was very responsive.

    Just squeeze it! Google assistant on a squeeze was much cooler than I anticipated. I don't know why reviewers downplayed it so much on the U11. I like the smaller size of the Pixel 2 a lot too. Really great experience and no one else came in after me and the reps were occupied with other customers. I'm on T-Mobile anyway. image Really nice phones.

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    اخبار و رسانه هاهنر و ادبیاترایانه و اینترنتعلم و فن آوریتجارت و اقتصاداندیشه و مذهبفوتو بلاگوبلاگ و وبلاگ نویسیفرهنگ و تاریخجامعه و سیاستورزشسرگرمی و طنزشخصیخانواده و زندگیسفر و توریسمفارسی زبان در دیگر کشورها