Can I fix the speech to text feature, so it works better?

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    I really would like to be able to use the speech to text feature on my Samsung Galaxy tab S3.

    The problem is that when I speak it tends to pause for a second and then retype part of the statement that I just gave to it.


    "I say, I really like not having to push the buttons."

    And it types something like...

    I say, I really like I say, I really like not having to push the buttons.

    It can suddenly do this in the middle of a sentence as well.

    Perhaps there is another application that I could substitute for the default one?

    I've even seen it type out an entire sentence including the "." Pause for a second and then retype the entire sentence again.

    When I use okay Google it doesn't do this, and it always understands exactly what I say.

    Where the native application sometimes just types total nonsense.

    I'd really like to get this working because I hate having to push all of the buttons one of this time.

    I noticed that it doesn't seem to be doing it when I'm posting here, but it does it on Quora or when I'm typing in my browser, someplace like the Windows Forums.

    Any suggestions welcome.


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