Samsung Tablet in chinese and no google apps after factory reset

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    Hi, getting so frustrated with this and cant find any answers, hope someone can help

    basically i ended up factory resetting my samsung galaxy tab E, After resetting it seems to have came back in chinese with no google apps on it. Instead of google apps i have something called Weibo, and Baidu map, both of which appear to be chinese apps.

    i've gone into language and input and changed the language to english which has helped a bit, but still some parts come up in chinese like when using the internet. However the 'keyboards and input methods' is set to 'default. chinese input - samsung chinese IME'. i've tried clicking on this to change it to english but the only option is chinese input.

    I've also tried going on to the internet and downloading all my google apps such as playstore etc, however once they install and i click on them the screen sort of flashes and nothing loads at all, i cant open any google apps which is making the tablet pretty unusable for what i need it for.

    any help would be much appreciated on both issues, the most important one would be finding a fix to the google issues, willing to try anything to fix it!

    thanks in advance

    (apologies if i've posted this twice, i thought i already posted this but cant find where it went!)

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