Android Tablet won't recognize external storage device via micro usb

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    I have an Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 It's up to date with everything.

    Up until just now, I've never had a problem connecting external storage devices to my tablet using an OTG cable. Just an hour ago, it worked fine.

    A few minutes before writing this, I tried to connect a device but it wouldn't mount. I tried a second cable. I then tried a different USB storage device. No luck. I tried rebooting the tablet. No luck. (One of the devices asks if I want to connect and that came on for a second then disappeared. Since then no luck with anything.)

    This happened once before and by blowing air into the micro usb port I must have dislodged some dust and it worked. I tried that again but no luck.

    The SD card in the SD card slot is working fine. Any ideas on how to fix this.

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