Audio Streaming Issues When Screen is Off

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    Since my phone received the last major software update, I've been experiencing issues with streaming audio while the screen is off. The music/podcast I'm streaming will randomly stop, or start skipping. When this happens, the screen will not come back on until the issue has (temporarily) resolved itself, even though I try to bring the screen up with both the home button and the screen on/off button. It can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for the audio issue to resolve itself--the worst instance lasted over two minutes--and I'm unable to wake up the screen the whole time. It's really concerning, and there hasn't been an automatic update to fix this yet like I'd hoped.

    This issue only occurs when I'm streaming and when the screen is off. Pandora and Soundcloud consistently give me trouble, but apps that download the content first, like Audible or the Samsung Music app, don't give me any trouble at all. Also, I've started playing games on my phone while listening to podcasts so the screen stays on and I don't have any issues. It'd be nice to listen to a podcast while doing chores, though.

    I do not have Power-Saving mode turned on. Frequently, my phone is actually charging when the issue occurs.

    Samsung Galaxy S6
    Android version 7.0
    Using Wi-Fi connection

    Any ideas what is causing this, and how it can be fixed?

    Much appreciated,

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