S8+ touch screen not working properly

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    Initially I had problems with my touch screen not registering my touch in the correct spot. I'd tap somewhere and it would register 1/4" below it. Sometimes not at all.

    I removed my screen protector and the issue persisted.

    I did a factory reset and the problem persisted so I sent it back to Samsung.

    Samsung sent it back not having done anything claiming they couldn't get into it because I didn't set anything back up after I did the reset and realized the problem was still there.

    I figured I'd give it a try again and the problem that was ocurring before was gone but after going through the setup and getting some apps back on it I have a different problem.

    The tap & hold feature isn't working but not everywhere. Some of the apps I can tap/hold to bring from the general apps menu to the home page but others won't let me because as soon as i put my finger on them they open even though i'm holding on them. I haven't had any luck moving an app on my homepage because as soon as my finger touches it, it's opening.

    Is this just something I have to send it back to samsung for? I bought it directly from them and so far I've been far from impressed with their service.

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