Nexus 5 crashing repeatedly on Oreo

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    I thought I had solved this but turns out it is now crashing again. My phone is a Nexus 5x

    I updated OTA to Oreo about a week ago and today I changed some things. Suddenly I started crashing and sometimes the phone went into a loop trying to reboot where it just kept saying Google then rebooting but would finally pull out (thank you rescue party... I assume)

    I noticed that it first started happening after an app multicon did some very odd things and then crashed. I started getting crashes ever 5-10 min in different apps and sometimes when the phone was just sitting there.

    Since multicon runs all the time I got suspicious and cleared the cache (problem not fixed). Then I cleared data (still same problem). Finally I uninstalled the app. Since I did this the phone has not crashed yet (lasted about 4 hours).

    I thought I had a solution but back to the same problem... argh

    نویسنده : استخدام کار بازدید : 8 تاريخ : يکشنبه 26 شهريور 1396 ساعت: 13:31
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