Maybe stupid but Comfort view anyone ?

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    Sooo 2-3 weeks ago i was in my bed playing with the phone and i again so comfort view never used it on any of my phones, never actually knew what it even is.. Just red and saw in past that it's some color reduction.. So i thought i would try it since it's made for night mode, for resting your eyes...

    I went to settings realized i like meduim range..
    Okay enabled it and before i went to sleep i disabled it... Next day i've done it again and i thought i turned it off, didn't realized it until whole week passed while i sudenly realized that it has been on all the time during the weem.. So i did what you expected i turned it off, but then i realized again that i don't like the colors, screen or the view itself anymore. Hahahaha, and since then i am full 24/7 on comfort view mode.

    So i was wondering does any of you use it ?
    If so do you like it ? Feel anything diffrent on your eyes i mean resting, maybe less headaches hahah ? P.S. i noticed it doesn't effect on battery life..

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