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    Hi guys I'm looking to move from the iPhone 7 plus to the note 8. Not impressed with the latest from Apple at all and I've had several notes and they were all decent !
    Does the snapdragon CPU in the n8 hold a candle to the bionic ? Seems the bionic blows it away but not sure
    I also have sprint and an changing providers due to ****ty service and coverage so back to Verizon or perhaps xfinity mobile
    I would my cell for just about anything But mostly business use and the data/voice feature simultaneously is so key for me and sprint doesn't have that !

    No, Apple's Bionic chip does beat the Qualcomm 835 from what I have seen and read. The performance isn't going to be massively better on the Bionic, but it will be noticeable. I would say get the Note though, speed is probably the only thing Apple has over Samsung. Carrier wise, I have Verizon. They are ok, but if you are able to get T-Mobile in your area, I would recommend them. I have friends who have gone from Verizon to T-Mobile and they see a lot of benefits from it. Xfinity Mobile, though, I don't know about, if you have Comcast/Xfinity cable or wifi, then they would be a good option, and they would still be a good option even without having any of their other services. I don't know anyone who uses Xfinity Mobile, so I can't speak on how well it works, but from what I do know is they use Verizon towers, and their hotspots from their routers as well, for their service.
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