Weird T-Mobile Connection Issue.

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    So I've done a hard reset...and continue to get these messages popping up. Any advice? I'm thinking I'm going to have to have t-mobile look at my account to make sure I'm provisioned properly.

    I did lose connectivity on the freeway for about 60 miles, where I've always had 4G LTE full bars on my previous phone. (And my family had connections where I did not...)

    The messages are:

    'Data service is blocked. Voice service is blocked.'

    My account is in good standing, etc...and my previous phone, on the same day, and prior never had issues.

    Weird T-Mobile Connection Issue.-screenshot_2017-09-11-12-08-22.png

    نویسنده : استخدام کار بازدید : 9 تاريخ : پنجشنبه 23 شهريور 1396 ساعت: 23:52
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